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Awesome Stuff for me~

Taichi X Ryoko Contest Entry by RakuraiKaze-chan
Commission: Date by shinu8P Contest Entry Miya and Ryoko by RakuraiKaze-chan
Everybody smile by shinu8P Commission: Trip by shinu8P
Like a boss by GisLt Walking DownTown by GisLt
C: Tai and Ryoko 2 by Detoreik C: Tai and Ryoko by Detoreik
C: Alyssa and Remus by Detoreik Christmas Gift Ryoko x Taichi by KellyK-Chan
C: Fiona, Kelly and Jolene by Detoreik Commission: HP Girls by shinu8P

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Miya 'You always treat me like a child!' :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
Miya02+Lekismon :star-half::star-empty::star-empty:
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Do any of you need 1 week extra to finish their entry? :o 

8 deviants said Nahhh
7 deviants said Yushhh


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 10:35 AM

UPDATE: Contest ended!

Sorry for updating the end of the contest this late ;-; I will start judging within the next few days, since I have finally moved I can say I'll be more active from now on :)

I want to thank everyone for participating and I'll wish you the best of luck!!!

UPDATE: Extended Deadline

Since a few of you needed a bit more time I'm extending the Deadline a little bit. This is also better for myself seeing as I'm moving my stuff to my new home and I'm quite busy because of that!

To all of those whom I haven't added in this journal yet/haven't replied to on any messages: I'm terribly sorry and I'll get to it either today or tommorow!


Well as you all might've know or not, I've been meaning to host a contest for a while actually XD and I finally got off of my lazy butt to write this journal! 

DEADLINE: 05/07/2015


So what is this contest about? Quite frankly it it about something you all might've expected: My OC's

So the thing you can draw or write about is one of the following:
:bulletorange:one or a few of my OCs.
:bulletorange:My OC with your OC.
:bulletorange:My OC with the OC's of my friends.
:bulletorange:My OCxCanon aswell as OCxOC pairings.

For a list of my OC's and pairings please scroll all the way down on this journal! If you have any questions regarding personalities of my ocs/interactions between the couple you can comment or note me about this!


Every contestant is allowed to make more then 1 drawing/written piece but only one of these drawings will receive a prize!

No smut/nudity/gore!

Have fun~ 


The most important part right? :D well since I didn't get so many written entries last time I will only make 1 prize for it!

:bulletorange: 1st Place (this one is for both writing and drawings!):bulletorange: 

- 750 :points:
- 1 drawing by me consisting of 2 characters 3/4 body (can also be a couple!)
- 1 drawing by me consisting of 1 character full body

:bulletorange: 2nd Place :bulletorange:

- 500 :points:
- 1 drawing by me consisting of 1 character 3/4 body
- 1 drawing consisting of 2 chibi's (could be a couple aswell!)

:bulletorange: 3rd Place :bulletorange:

- 250 :points:
- 1 drawing consisting of 2 chibi's (could be a couple aswell!)

:bulletorange: Honorable mentions :bulletorange:

I think there will be upto 3 honorable mentions whom will win a drawing with 2 chibi's aswell!


This will be the hardest part seeing as I don't have many drawings of my own ocs ;w;
I will only post my main oc's in here! if you want to draw an OC which is the child of an ocxcanon pairing that is allowed too but I don't have alot of references for these!


Calm, sweet/caring and inteligent.
Typically wears a certain style of Lolita clothes (I can send refs of different outfits if requested!) I sadly don't have alot of references on her XD She's paired with Seto Kaiba!

(Koyu left/Eiji Right) 
Koyuki/Eiji Profile by RyokosDetermination :Catching a Cold: by RyokosDetermination Confidenceshipping by RyokosDetermination


Outgoing and tomboyish~
paired with Jounouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler) :D can also be drawn together with Koyuki since they're half sisters!

(Koyu left/Eiji Right)

Koyuki/Eiji Profile by RyokosDetermination Eiji's Wardrobe WIP by RyokosDetermination:Skateboarding FTW: by RyokosDetermination :First kiss?: by RyokosDetermination

Ryoko Watanabe:

Outgoing, quick thinker, lazy and slightly tomboyish~ 

Can be drawn either in a couple with Taichi Yagami (from Digimon), with her patner Dorumon or anyone of his line or with her little sister Miya!!

Ryoko Watanabe by RyokosDeterminationRyoko Watanabe 02 design by RyokosDetermination :Best Friend: Ryoko+Dorumon by RyokosDetermination :Wondering what this new world may bring us~: by RyokosDetermination .::Ryoko and Miya::. BD GIFT by KellyK-Chan

Scarlet (also known as fluffytail):

Calm and quiet~ 
Paired with Michelangelo in the TMNT 2012 series!

Scarlet the Mutant Fox by RyokosDeterminationYawning Duo by RyokosDetermination

Alyssa/Fiona Galloway:

Alyssa(on the left)- Paired with Remus Lupin when they were teenagers! Intelligent, smartass, kindhearted, an oddball at times.

Fiona (on the right picture the blonde girl)- paired with no one currently~ (someone could make up a boyfriend for her if they want to XD) best friends with Kelly Hawksworth~ Prankster, funloving, mischievous (sp?) kindhearted.

Very Studious by RyokosDetermination  :Whispers and Giggles: by RyokosDetermination

Chloe Palmer (Cho Kimura)

Happy, Kind, Easily worried, Protective, Stubborn.

Will be paired with Steven Stone, though I do not have their relationship worked out yet ;w; not much info there...

Could also be drawn with her twin sister Hannah, or possible Silva (her treecko later to be a grovyle!)

Cho Kimura by RyokosDetermination


I hope you enjoy the contest and have alot of fun! For any questions feel free to message or note me~!

Contestants + their entries:

RakuraiKaze-chan Contest Entry Miya and Ryoko by RakuraiKaze-chan Taichi X Ryoko Contest Entry by RakuraiKaze-chan

Moonspirit10 .Con. A Courageous, Determined Sunset by Moonspirit10  .Con. What You Do For A Pizza GyozaPerhaps on one aspect, it was incredible.
However, on the other hand, maybe it wasn’t, or maybe it was just typical.  This didn’t change the situation’s realism, because it was very much real, and there were more than enough spectators to see what was about to go down.
In the middle of the room were the two as if about to do battle.  On the side, everyone was either on the edge of the carpet that they were sitting in the middle of or on the couch.  Leo and Raph were sitting on the ground in front of the television, and Don and April were sitting on one of the bean bag seats close to the tv, and all of them had their eyes glued on the scene, just waiting for something to happen.  Casey was out in his own life, Izanami felt it would be better to take a run, and Veta was laying down on the couch across from the television, listening to an audiobook on a variation of an mp3 player that she had oddly talked Don out of not throwing out.
Apparently, 16GB

Amalia-chan and Prypjaty Contest Entry: Eiji and Mira by Prypjaty

KellyK-Chan .::Contest entry::.    Balloons by KellyK-Chan

kimartess :Contest: Movie Night! by kimartess

Plenilunij-Lee CT: Fireflies by Plenilunij-Lee

OceanFairie  Finding a Dream--Contest Entry                                  Finding a Dream
Nine year old Polly Frankson sighed as she sat in the Pokémon Center.  She had started out on her journey not too long ago, but only with her Lapras.  Even so, Polly wanted to challenge gyms outside of her home region of Kanto.  That was a big mistake and her mother Lorelei warned her about it.  She also warned her about starting her journey way too soon.  And yet, the mint green haired girl was determined to do things her way and that was how she wound up in the Pokémon Center in Oldale Town, Hoenn.  “Mom knew that this would happen…  Why didn’t I listen to her?” Polly asked herself, wishing that she hadn’t gone and pulled a stupid stunt like this.  Oh well, she can always go home and wait to start her journey the right way…  Even so, she’d be admitt

LostDigidestined :.Contest entry.: by LostDigidestined

PizzaProgram Red, Trippy, and Digimon by PizzaProgram

Tiruru .:.CE: Ryokosdetermination.:. by Tiruru

OrichalcosEels Kaiba's Lovely by OrichalcosEels

Crystal-Venice Contest Entry - RyokosDetermination“Koyuki,” Eiji moaned, lightly banging her forehead on the mahogany table which caught the attention of the brunette sitting in front of her.
“What is it Eiji?” Koyuki sighed, not looking up from her schoolbook because she was used to her younger sister’s behaviour. Every time the blondette proclaimed she ‘needed’ something, it was typically over some trivial matter that Koyuki simply did not have time for.  In between her job at the Stray Cat Café, school and driving lessons, she had little to no free time. When Koyuki did find free time, she used it to catch up on her sleep deprivation.
The disgruntled sixteen year old’s speech came out in a garble the first time round, resulting in the bespectacled older girl to halt her pen stroke in mid-sentence. “How about in a language I understand?” She scolded, reading over her work before editing a minor mistake.
Eiji pulled her head up and rested her cheek onto her arms, &

BlazingSoul96 CE: Hey, remember this? by BlazingSoul96

TheDarkestMemory Try Me by TheDarkestMemory


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